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Friday, May 25, 2018   
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Price Comparisons for Products/Services with Options 

 Free quotes from multiple vendors , ZIP CODES FOR PANAMA CITY 32401, 32402, 32413, 32417

To get comparisons you should select Buying or Selling in the menu above.

  • You are buying if you receive the product or service.
  • Selling would be where you want to receive money for the product that you will surrender.

 This is the best e-Market Place to receive free price quotes from multiple vendors for products/services with options.  Merchants/manufacturers enable your web site today by calling 850-588-9854!!!

eMarketPlace Overview:eMarketPlace and eProcurement for services/products that need answers to questions before they can give a price and Directory of over 2 million businesses. 
Companies that use current Web 1.0 technology have to use email, FAX, and many phone calls to get answers to questions before they can provide a quote for a product or service with options. This occurs even though their customer initially placed their RFQ on the internet. Sometimes, it can take hours or even days to receive a quote then it gets lost in the spam folder. 
Imagine a product that will allow a customer to fill out a set of questions about the product or service they need online and receive an instantaneous quote in seconds right on their computer screen!  Now take your imagination one step further. Imagine that the same customer could receive quotes from multiple vendors viewed on one price comparison page and immediately identify the best deal available to them. 
You don’t need to imagine, as this is a reality.  We have these products and services with Web 2.0 that are available NOW. This product will ultimately transform the ability to instantaneously quote and take orders for this industry segment that provide products/services that have options
Click HERE to run the Live eCommerce demo to see many examples with options.
Call 850-588-1724 to get your business m2SpecsXML enabled.
This eMarketPlace allows you to get Instant Quotes & Place Orders with vendors that provide real time price for products/services that need answers to questions before they can price it.
Directory listings are also provided for businesses so prospects can find them.

This eMarketPlace allows the busy employee to get instant quotes without playing phone tag for days. You can get Quotes from the eBusiness enabled with m2SpecsXML technology. 
All prospects have to be registered users of this eMarketPlace and the supplier can specify further security approval before logon ability is granted for the ability to get prices.

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